With an African (DR of Congo), European (Belgium) and American (Brazil) background, Claudy Khan is a modern and contemporary African artist. 


Trained visual artist from the Fine Art school of Kinshasa (1974-1978) and architect from School of Architecture of Nantes (1979-1984), his rich and varied cultural heritage is reflected in his work and felt in his artistic quest that remains motley, multi-faceted and even suprasensible.


His painting was classical at first, but now he inserts abstract elements and other abstraction components. In fact, he explores everything: the resonances of the past, the future and the unknown towards which we walk.

His artistic approach has only one constraint, that of being as original as possible, responding to spontaneous inspiration, and never merely slavishly copying existing work which puts him in a perpetual quest for more and more research. 


Today, his work is the result of a dozen different styles which he has explored and mastered. Making him one of the most interesting Modern and contemporary African artists that is well ahead of his time.