Throughout my development as a painter I have been fascinated by human nature and spirituality, how we are part of nature and the wider universe and how we are all connected in the daily life we share. My work always seeks new ways to explore human nature, emotions, experiences, feelings, insights in a way that lift people out of their daily lives. My art brings the Akashic message of beauty to every heart and every home, because we are all human and we can all feel it.


Akashic is for me the universal source of energy that feeds us all, some people call it God, others call it the universe or nature. To me it is the source of all inspiration, like a  universal consciousness or God. I am a very intuitive artist. I try to open myself up to catch some of this energy, this emotion into my work and pass it on to others. It is part of my daily rhythm, I work almost every day. It is built into the rhythm of the patterns, the colours, the shapes and forms, so people can feel the personification of our emotions, our thoughts, the truth and the beauty and be part of it.


Over the years I have learned and still learn to play with the mosaics, using different techniques and materials, different textures, but the universal compositions are still from the same source and human nature is still an endless phenomenon to explore.