Two patterns surface: unique piece shoowa Kuba textile


50 cm x 54 cm (19.5 in. x 21 in.)


Part of our collection of African Kuba clothes, this stunning piece stands out for its split pattern, that makes it unique in its elaboration and complexity of design and surface decoration. 


Created by an artisan of the Kuba People of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this form of woven textile is made by embroidering a panel of cloth with dyed raffia thread, which is then trimmed short to create a plush "velvet" texture. Known as a prestige panel, the complex patterning exhibited the artisan's skill and would have been displayed as a mark of the owner's social prestige. A remarkable example of woven raffia textiles, prestige panel are perfect as a striking wall hanging or table runner.


To learn more, read our blog article about Kuba Textiles, their history, and the fascinating technique to make them.  


Note that the Kuba cloth is sold unframed.


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Two patterns surface: unique piece shoowa Kuba textile, Unframed
$ 660.00