"The artistic approach of Fatou Marie Françoise Aw, known as Kiné Aw, which has been presented several times in Dakar and abroad, brings together - by reflecting deeply on it - the base of 'traditional values' on which she builds her work, and the so-called modern world, a reflection of plural interactions. Her painting is the place where original expressions and practices intersect, in a permanent concern to reflect social life.

At the heart of the human being that she tries to explore, there is a vision: to make visible an interior without betraying its secret artifices, in order to bring out a personal conception of the relationship of women with their society. These are therefore readings and questions on the identity of this woman confronted with multiple challenges that put her in dialogue - sometimes conflicting - with her ancestral beliefs and values. There is what society assigns to her as roles and missions, but there is what she wants to put forward: her struggles for more freedom, her daily fights for her rights, her desires and desires...


Tar on canvas, acrylic paint, pigments are the means of expression that have allowed her to present her proposals so far. From the disorder she sees and wants to change, she creates an 'order' that sets her apart, built on the idea that Africa, her creative terrain, is tending towards a 'modernity' that is countered by secular life forces."


Aboubacar Demba Cissokho, Journalist