Artist Statement

Through the  physical act of making, my artwork can be described as a generative process where movement, colour, and form are explored through notions of invocation. Resonance is embraced as there is a distinct translation from the emotive to the tangible. Perceptions are interpreted into physicality with a vigilant awareness of states of being, conscious of shifting connections of depth, weight and intensity.


Canvas is a prayer mat and paint the prayer, translating ideas of metaphysical energy, through fluidity and weight of paint and medium. The repetitive application of paint in smearing bodily movements, dripping and pouring, denote different states of invocation, inspired by Abstract Expressionist action painting and the Impressionists investigation of light through paint. An exploration of paint and materiality as alchemical substances take on spiritual meaning through metamorphosis, surrendering to unaccountable changes within the process. This notion of process is inspired by James Elkins book What  Painting Is; where he says ‘Artistic processes are arrangements and transmutations of substances: but sometimes they also are the substances’, as such resonance is a substance.