To be an artist doesn't just mean painting, playing music, sculpturing or acting, but also preserving and developing one's spiritual cultural heritage into Organic Science and Technology.  

Artist’s Statement


I waged war into the spiritual kingdom. On my return, I became positively sound, and sleepy. The most interesting part of it was that it lasted only 17 minutes. On the soil of Ghana, I had a dream. When I woke up, I found myself permanently in Gagahuli, Ouida, in the Republic of Benin.

This is how art is for me. It is a constant battle between the material and the spiritual. To be an artist doesn't just mean painting, playing music, sculpting or even acting, it also means opening up to such ideas as preserving and developing one's spiritual cultural heritage into Science and Technology.

My work is generally about love and affection; about simple everyday situations like relationships, music, religion and being at peace with one’s self and the world at large. Some people have said that my work has characteristics that can be likened to a European or American’s interpretation of African life. Some would say it is the work of an African, interpreting the contemporary concerns of my age. Yet others will also say my work is universal. I feel very universal. 

I am always happy as an artist. Art makes me see both in the physical and the spiritual.
The purpose of art then is about brightening the corner where you are. The purpose of art is to be sound in mind, body and soul. It's not about what others are doing or what someone decided.  Art does not depend on someone prescribing a mainstream system. Art is freedom.



Painter, sculptor and musician, Kofi Agorsor completed Ankle College of Art in Accra in 1989. He was born in the Volta region of Ghana, 1970.


In his paintings, Agorsor uses pulsating colors that become an interpretation of the essence of lived experiences of Africans and the world at large. His subject matter borders on the generic but rendered often in a buoyant, semi-abstract and witty manner. His canvases may be sparsely populated; often with a solitary figure in a sensuous pose, two lovers enjoying the presence of each other or they may be very populated, inhabited by crowds of market women or glitterati at events. Some of the canvases may be encumbered with splashes, drips and flows of paint that intertwine to become forests or mazes of enchantment. His sculptures are an embodiment of spontaneous orderliness. He is an instrumentalist, composer, song writer and founder of Afro World Band Agorsor. Recently he has been spending a lot of time in the recording studio.