My art has been my language to express myself and my voice. My work explores personal experiences and my Ethiopian cultural heritage. Oftentimes my subject matter reflects my life as a mother in a multiracial family.  My figures are diverse and often huddled together, with wide eyes.  Children and lambs are the visual vocabulary I use to express innocence and forgiveness.  I intend to create dialogue about diversity and women – for example, a face with open mouth represents women freely exploring and expressing themselves. Women also hold in more pain than they let out and hold each other demonstrating resilience. My most recent series addresses challenges of race and identity. One painting depicts figures from all of the Ethiopian tribes together, celebrating each other’s uniqueness. My inner feelings and values call for the love, embrace and celebration of humanity, transcending past and present, despite our differences. - MERON ENGIDA, 2020




When I start a painting, there are no rules. Sometimes I work from pictures but most of the time I create from imagination. Sometimes I start with a drawing and other times with acrylic paint on canvas which I layer with tones, symbols, and a motif. The figures emerge with expressive features, emotions, and texture.  I work on the paintings with trusting mark-making, not knowing where I’m going.  My creative process continues until I am surprised and content and then I revisit later to see if it is indeed finished. - MERON ENGIDA