Deborah Lebeni is an artist of Congolese descent from Brussels, Belgium. She has been exhibiting her paintings for about ten years. Passionate about drawing since her childhood, she started painting at the age of 12, inspired by the works of her great-uncle. She trained in various oil painting courses but quickly turned to her favourite texture, acrylics, as the rendering was more suited to her expectations.

Deborah received her first commissions at the age of 16. Her paintings are about African women. Whether it is a portrait or a life situation, she wants to pay tribute to the women who marked her childhood. Her influences are mainly from her early years in Kinshasa. Art allows her to create a bridge between her childhood memories and her present. In order to enrich her technique, she took two years of evening classes in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Her work then evolved towards inspiring subjects, those who fight daily battles around the world. She tries to express their emotions through her choice of colours. By representing their expressions, she tries to immortalize the indescribable. The development of her work is intimately linked to the moments and personal trials she goes through.